This is Odd

Even with even number of pins, this connector would still be odd...never seen anything like this before or since. (I've seen many proprietary, non-standard cables in my life.) This end of the serial cable connects to a very old Garmin Vista eTrex GPS receiver while the other end connects to the computer. If you've seen how tiny this GPS receiver is, you will recognize that this connector is less than 0.75 inch long and just over 0.25 inch wide.

Shot with an old 50mm Nikon lens on Nikon D200. To achieve the magnification seen here, a 36mm extension tube was attached between the lens and the camera.

Two inexpensive speedlight-clones (Yongnuo YN-568EX) were used to light this subject. Both at 1/128 power, pointing at the subject from no more than a foot away, were illuminating this end of the cable from top left and bottom right. These flashes were triggered by on-camera flash in commander mode.