How do you explain hand tool to a higher intelligence?

While looking at tools in my tool box, the end of this mini portable dog bone shape torque hexagon wrench reminded me of E.T., the movie. The subject of this image here is a quote from the movie, slightly modified! ('school' replaced with 'hand tool')

Shot with an old 50mm Nikon lens on Nikon D800. To achieve the magnification seen here, 12mm + 20mm extension tubes were attached between the lens and the camera. Colors/tones enhanced in Lightroom, then cropped and saved as JPG file in Photoshop.

Two inexpensive speedlight-clones (Yongnuo 568EX) were used to light this subject. Both on TTL, reflected off of white foam core boards, camera left and right, no more than a foot away, were illuminating this end of the tool. The flashes were triggered by on-camera flash in commander mode.