Day 46: Washington

Day 46: Washington

Helena to Olympia!

Lost count of mountain passes I had to get through in Montana, Idaho, and Washington to reach Olympia! Beautiful scenery all the way. Almost did not make this shot, a little after sunset. Drive from Helena to Olympia took longer than expected because I stopped at more places than planned. The scenery was just too good to merely drive through it without stopping and taking it in as much as possible.

Traffic / jams as I got closer to Tacoma reminded me of what await when I get back to Silicon Valley in couple days!

Shot from the steps of Washington Supreme Court building with Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens lens (at 27mm) on Nikon D800. The distance between the buildings is quite small and, therefore, was forced to us a wide angle lens...which caused the perspective distortion you see in this image. I hope to have a PC (perspective control) lens when I get to shoot such massive buildings next time.