Finally, an Inexpensive but Well-designed Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter

wandering walnuts

I've used many inexpensive smartphone tripod adapters. Never liked their spring-loaded mechanism to attach the smartphone. Especially when the phones got wider and taller. None of these allowed for changing the orientation of the phone without taking it off the adapter or working with the tripod head.

This design is the best I've found so far for under ten dollars! This universal smartphone tripod adapter is sold under various brand names but the one in these pictures (holding an iPhone 8 Plus with a screen protector and in a case) is Vastar Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter. I purchased this because it was the cheapest of them all. Although it is mostly plastic, except for the metallic 1/4" nuts and worm-screw, this adapter has no problem holding a large phone.

While I do have the beautifully crafted, all-metal, built-like-a-tank, small-footprint, SunwayFoto CPC-02 mobile phone clamp with tripod mount and arca dovetail, I use this Vastar adapter when I need to take images both in horizontal and vertical orientation without having to disturb the tripod. In fact, the phone can be rotated the whole 360ยบ while seated in this adapter without disturbing the tripod position! And I don't even have to take off the protective case that I use on my phone!!

Comes well-packaged. There is no manual included but manual isn't necessary. Very simple to use.

(these images shot with Sony 55-210mm lens on Sony a6000 camera)