Hi, my name is Maneuver...

Hi, my name is Maneuver and I provide camera support.
(picture in your mind an introduction at camera gear addicts anonymous meeting!)

Maneuver is not just a play on Manfrotto and Neewer, the manufacturers of two products (Manfrotto MP3-BK and Neewer Low-Profile Ball Head) combined to make this stable tripod-like support. It is also because of the maneuverability this little gizmo allows for in tiny spaces. Standing barely 3" tall, sturdy enough to support my Sony mirrorless cameras with a short prime lens. I've used this on tables at restaurants, on the floor in gardens to get close to tiny plants, on streets for low angles otherwise hard to achieve any other way, etc. The behind-the-scenes pictures will be here soon.

(this image shot with Sony 55-210mm lens on Sony a6000 camera)