Save And Share Right After Shoot!

Save and Share right after Shoot!

Shot with Sony 55-210mm lens on Sony a6000. A remote flash, Godox AD200, was used to light this scene. The flash was triggered with Godox Xpro Wireless Flash Trigger.

RAVPower FileHub is central to my backup system when I'm traveling light, without my computer. The first opportunity I get to backup photos on the SD card from my digital camera, this is how I use the lightweight gizmo:
  • once the SD card is inserted into Filehub and USB drive connected to it, press of a button is all it takes to automatically copy contents of SD card to a portable USB hard drive
  • after backup is done, bring select few images (from Filehub) to mobile device/s through wifi created by Filehub
  • share images with people around (using bluetooth (or NFC) file sharing on Android, or AirDrop on iOS)
  • share images on social media (through mobile phone) when cellular connectivity is available
Everything needed to accomplish these tasks is in the above picture. Since RAVPower Filehub is also a battery pack, it powers the USB hard drive (and can also be used to charge mobile devices, although I use the beefier / juicier, RAVPower Portable 26800mAh Battery Pack, to charge my mobile devices).