8th Anniversary

8th anniversary
My impulse purchase of an Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch) today, 8th anniversary of Steve Jobs' passing, is kinda my small tribute to the man who changed our world. We can only wonder what other ways he would have changed our world if he were still with us.

Since his passing, climate change has become an even more important issue. He probably would have done more than what Apple is currently doing about it. I believe he would have 1) built an iPhone / iPad with user-replaceable batteries to extend their usable life instead of sending them to the dump / recycle so soon as is currently happening 2) built an iPad with phone built into it so that lot of us didn't have to use two devices, and 3) generally increased lifespan of products across the board instead of just tweeting "climate change impacts all of us" or "there is no more urgent mission than saving our planet". What a genius he was!

On this day in 2011, I was in Lukla (Nepal) on my way back from a fun / successful trek to Everest basecamp when I learned of Steve Jobs' passing. The news was both shocking and saddening to me...as it was to millions around the globe.

This image shot with Sony 55-210mm lens on Sony A6500 camera.
(Not shown in this image but I also bought Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)!)