Replace Old Thermostat


All images shot with Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens on Nikon D200.

The old thermostat has been working without a problem. It was installed over 20 years ago. The yellowing of plastic caused by UV light was a constant reminder that I was getting old! Besides, the display on it was becoming a problem for me to read with my old pair of eyes.

Looking for an inexpensive replacement (yet qualifying for the $50 rebate from my local utilities provider), I found Emerson Sensi ST55 with very good reviews. Replacing the old one with Sensi ST55 couldn't have been easier with the guided installation steps on Sensi app (by Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. on Apple App Store). It took me less than 30 minutes to replace the old one. 

Not only does the new thermostat look nice, I can also now control the air-conditioning in the house with the Sensi app (and also through Alexa) on my iPhone instead of going up/down the stairs to get to the thermostat (like I had to with the old thermostat). The app also lets me see the past usage (which was not possible with the old one).

I'm pleased with the look of this thermostat and the technology it has inside. Using it is such a joy.