Innorel Ball Head

new tool

Both images here shot with Sony 90mm f/2.8 macro lens on Sony a6500.


I've had this INNOREL Ball Head for few weeks now. My quick observations so far:
1) Well made
2) Looks good
3) Price is reasonable
4) low-profile (not very tall)
5) Comes with two QR plates (and a pouch, which I don’t use)
6) once the knobs are snug/tightened, the ball stays rock solid (and keeps the camera steady without movement)
1) There is no tension adjuster knob, only one knob to adjust the ball (I knew this before I purchased by looking at the pics. If one is not careful, the camera could flop forward or backward resulting in damage to the camera/lens.)
2) Although it claims arca compatibility, does not accept bottom of SMALLRIG Cage for Sony A6500 (other ball heads I have work fine with this SMALLRIG cage). As a workaround, I have mounted one of the arca swiss plates (that came with the ball head) to the base of SMALLRIG cage. Other arca plates I have work fine with this ball head.