Inexpensive Manfrotto to Arca-Swiss Conversion

I currently use Manfrotto 504HD fluid video head (with Manfrotto 504PLONG Video Camera Plate). In the past, I've used Manfrotto 502 Video Head and Manfrotto MVH500AH Fluid Video Head with Manfrotto 504PLONG and Manfrotto 500PLONG video camera plates, respectively. While solid heads and plates for video, these were not designed for shooting vertical videos or photos in portrait orientation, even with l-bracket attached to cameras. Also, most l-brackets are arca-swiss compatible. The commercial solutions out there, to convert Manfrotto to arca-swiss, cost a lot despite not being great.

After trying most of the solutions out there, I've come up with this 'hack' which I like. Not only is this inexpensive, it is sturdy and fully functional!

All that was needed was 100mm Arca Swiss Compatible Nodal Rail Slide QR Plate Clamp!

The bigger screw came with the Manfrotto plate and the smaller one with the nodal rail plate. Once the two screws are tightened, the nodal rail plate stays rock solid on Manfrotto plate, does not budge at all.

Horizontal or vertical, video or photos, no problems...Manfrotto head / plate can now do it all with this 'hack'! Changing from one orientation to another hardly takes any time with l-bracket (or SmallRig cage with arca swiss adapters in these pictures).
I even trust it with the largest telephoto lens I have...Sony 200-600mm super telephoto zoom lens.