The Best Arca-Swiss Plate For Sony 200-600mm Lens

Finally found this! Been looking for a compact, well-made, arca-swiss plate with two screws—a 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch—to fit the foot of my Sony FE 200-600mm Telephoto Zoom Lens. The plate with one screw wasn't holding this lens well on a ball head, especially when repeatedly tilted, the screw would loosen a bit no matter how tightly it was screwed in. I do not understand the physics behind it. If you do, please educate me! With two screws, it now stays put, it doesn't come loose even a tiny bit. I don't have to worry about it anymore when I'm busy photographing.
This SMALLRIG quick release plate fits perfectly, is rock solid and costs only about twenty dollars. I say 'only' because the alternative, a good replacement lens foot for Sony 200-600mm, made by Kirk or Wimberley, costs more than $75.

This arca-swiss plate may work for other Sony/manufacturers' telephoto zoom lenses. I do not have them so I haven't had the opportunity to try it on other lenses.