Backing up Lightroom CC to an External Drive

the backup script seen in editor

I am using Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB External Desktop Hard Drive to backup my photos, videos, and music on this drive. I have it formatted (APFS (Encrypted)) for use with a Mac and do not have it connected to my Mac all the time. It is only connected (powered on) when I do the incremental once a week or few times a month. Then it is powered off and just sits there.

FYI, I run the "rsync" command manually to do this backup. I backup all image/photo files and Adobe Lightroom CC catalogs. In fact the way I set this up, if one drive fails, I can run Lightroom CC from the catalog and images on the other drive. Super useful (if/when one of the drives fails).

This drive maybe slow for other use cases but as a backup drive it is fast enough. And has plenty of storage. The drive works as advertised, meets my current needs. If I needed to move TBs of data back and forth, and needed the transfer to be done in a hurry, I wouldn't get this drive. The first time I did a complete backup of another external drive to this drive, about 4.5TB of data took almost 20 hours...200GB to 250GB per hour. After that, it has always been incremental backup of few GBs of data taking barely couple minutes.

This drive comes with a four-month membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. To avail of this, connect the drive to a Windows machine and double-click on the icon for the executable (.exe file) found on the drive. During the registration process the code for four-month membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan is displayed (if you just need the code) and the following step will even register this code with Adobe (after having you sign into Adobe, if you already have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription). FYI, this code is not printed anywhere on the box or accompanying documentation.

Other than the fact that the drive I got did not have a way to get this four-month membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan using a Mac (luckily I had access to a Windows machine), I don't have any complaints about this drive for my use case (mentioned above) at this price in April 2022.